(QHA) -

The next tranche of the EU’s macro-financial assistance, totaling EUR 260 million, is to be disbursed in November, Deputy Head of Ukraine's Presidential Administration Valeriy Chaly announced.

Chaly said that before October 22, the EU is to decide on the allocation of the third tranche of the first stage of macro-financial assistance to Ukraine amounting to EUR 260 million, which should arrive in the country in November this year.

"In the fourth tranche the EU will allocate 250 million [euros]. Then we expect 500 million [euros]. That is the EU's support is not symbolic, but absolutely realistic," he said.

As we reported earlier, the EU’s total support for Ukraine in the framework of macro-financial assistance is estimated at EUR 1.61 billion. This support is a part of a broader assistance package for Ukraine announced by the European Commission on March 5, 2014.