Methods of dealing with corruption, creation of new anti-corruption bodies and civilian control over them – these were the questions broached on August, 31 at the roundtable ‘Fighting corruption: the new authorities in the old system.’

It was noted that as of today a large number of anti-corruption bodies has been created in Ukraine, such as: the anti-corruption bureau, which is almost ready to operate (approximately as of November, 15), a special law against corruption, anti-corruption prosecution office for education control and open access of journalists to the Civil Registry- these all are to have a positive impact in the fight against corruption.

Participants of the meeting said that the method of intimidating the corruptionists, which is widely used in Western countries, ought to be used in parallel with a civilian control in Ukraine. As for corruption in everyday life, for instance in hospitals and schools, it may be overcome by an increasing the employees’ wages and improving their skills.

Yaroslav Kovalchuk, Director of the Internal Policy Department of ICPS (International Center for Policy Studies), believes that creation of a conflict prevention mechanism and control at the local level are the main conditions for the fight against corruption.

Judicial system reformation and training of specialists who will investigate cases against corrupt officials are among other important methods.

Following the discussion, the participants noted the positive promotion of Ukraine's anti-corruption issue.