New York (QHA) -

The United Nations Human Rights Committee called on Kyiv officials to take action against the incitement of hatred against Crimean Tatars, Roma and Jehovah's Witnesses, states the report of 18 independent experts of the Committee published on July 26.

The report also criticized so-called “political persecutions” in Ukraine, pointing out the case of Ex-Prime Minister of Ukraine Yulia Tymoshenko, arrested in October 2011 for 7 years on charges of power abuse.

According to experts post-soviet states should provide impartiality of judges, “Radio Svoboda” informs. “Despite reformation of the judicial system in Ukraine, judges still feel external pressure”, - say the experts.

Also, UN Committee believes Ukrainian authorities should settle the problem of stigmatization of sexual minorities and review two draft laws on ‘homosexuality propaganda’, concludes the report.

As reported earlier Ukrainian Parliament has delayed the second reading of the law, which classifies such ‘propaganda’ as a felony.