(QHA) -

Ukraine is not going to discuss the possibility of providing Crimea with Ukrainian electricity in exchange of the Russian power supply, Ukrainian Energy and Coal Industry Minister Yuriy Prodan said.

According to Ukraine energy and coal minister Yury Prodan, Ukraine “does not view Crimea as Russia’s territory and, consequently, does not agree to make any concessions to Russia”.

The statement comes after Russia has offered to supply Ukraine with electricity, if Ukraine lifted restrictions on electricity shipments to Crimea.

At present, Crimea has only 50% of the required electricity. 

Earlier, due to payment arrears, Kyiv had cut supplies of water from the Dnieper to the peninsula. Crimea gets 95% of its drinking water from the Dnieper.

Crimea seceded from Ukraine after local referendum on region’s status and was annexed by Russia in March.