Ukrainian Parliament adopted the Memorandum of Peace and Consent, the decision has been supported by 252 MPs, Ukrinform reports.

 "For the sake of de-escalation of tension in some regions, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine [Parliament,-ed.] calls on all citizens to lend a hand to each other, abandon radical actions, hatred, return together to joint work to protect, promote and build a democratic, sovereign and united Ukraine, where people of all nationalities, political opinion and faiths will be living freely and friendly," the document says.

Parliament also declared support to the national dialogue in the framework of the national unity roundtable.

Regarding the state language, MPs have declared this as follows: "Next to the constitutional status of Ukrainian as the state language the Verkhovna Rada guarantees the status of the Russian language. The state will also ensure the support to languages of minorities in the places of their residence."

The Verkhovna Rada also promised to take measures to avoid criminal prosecution of citizens involved in mass actions in Ukraine, with the exception of persons who have committed serious and heinous crimes against life and health.