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Protesters took over the justice ministry in Ukraine’s capital on Sunday night while in other cities there were more clashes with riot police, Euronews reports.

In Kyiv those who barricaded themselves into the ministry which lies close to parliament where most of the violent confrontations have occurred reportedly met no resistance.

One protester said that the seizure of the building was a symbolic act of the people in the uprising. Once a place of where the authorities removed the people’s justice now its their turn to be stripped of their own.

President Viktor Yanukovych’s move to tempt the opposition with positions of power, even offering one of them the role of prime minister, has been rejected.

The focus has now turned onto Tuesday’s special session of parliament in which the president has pledged to reshuffle his government and amend the much hated sweeping anti-protest laws.

In western Ukraine, where anti-Yanukovych sentiment remains high, Maidan supporters have seized control of nearly all regional councils, with members in Ivano-Frankivsk, Ternopil, and Khmelnytskyi issuing rulings on January 26 that ban the activity and symbols of the Party of Regions and the Communist Party, RFE reports.

The events appear to leave few easy options for Yanukovych, whose own Party of Regions on January 25 submitted a draft bill to parliament aimed at cancelling the so-called "dictatorship laws" signed by the president a week ago cracking down on public protests and free-speech rights.