The Australian Institute for Economics and Peace undertook a study, based on the results of which a rating of countries with the highest terrorist threat was compiled. Such countries as Iraq, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Pakistan and Syria, where terrorist attacks have become commonplace, are ranked in the top 5 positions. 

It should be noted that Ukraine taking the 12th position has became the most dangerous country for life among the countries of the former CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States). For example, Russia took the 23rd place in rating. Ukraine climbed to the 12th position due to the war in Donbas and Malaysian aircraft crash.

“Only 3 deaths were recorded as a result of terrorism in Ukraine from 2000 to 2013, as compared with 665 deaths in 2014. Mostly they were caused by shelling carried out by ‘Donetsk People’s Republic’, as well as by launch of a surface-to-air missile that hit the Malaysia Airlines aircraft,” says the study.