(QHA) -

Ukraine's prime minister, visiting Germany, has urged the West to present a united front in demanding Russia comply with a September 5 deal on a cease-fire and steps to end the conflict in eastern Ukraine.

Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk spoke at the German Council on Foreign Relations ahead of a meeting on January 8 with Chancellor Angela Merkel.

"We can only succeed if we act together, when everybody in the EU, the United States, and Ukraine remains united," Yatsenyuk said.

He said Russia had only partially adhered to the agreement signed on September 5 in Minsk by representatives of Ukraine, Russia, and pro-Russian rebels whose conflict with government forces has killed more than 4,700 people since April.

"The Minsk accord is not a menu, from which you can pick cherries," Yatsenyuk said.

Russia has denied involvement in the conflict, despite what Kyiv and NATO say is overwhelming evidence of military support for the separatists.