The first deputy chairman of Ukraine's opposition Batkivschyna faction, Oleksandr Turchynov, has announced that people taking part in a pro-EU rally on Independence Square in the center of Kyiv will blockade the headquarters of the country's cabinet and the presidential administration on Thursday morning, Interfax-Ukraine informs.

"Tomorrow [on Thursday] at 0800, we will launch a heavy blockade of the cabinet and the presidential administration," Turchynov said at the rally on Wednesday.

He called on demonstrators to invite their friends to join the protests.

The Ukrainian Interior Ministry has reported that there were around 10,000 people on Independence Square on Wednesday evening.

Svoboda opposition party leader Oleh Tiahnybok, for his part, said that the protesters would not leave the square.

"Let these lawless authorities know that we will not go anywhere. Let these scoundrels hear: there is no way back. It is either them or us," he said.

The demonstrators cheered as Tiahnybok addressed the protest.