(QHA) - Ukraine could be useful in political, institutional and legal terms in solving the Syrian crisis. Ukraine's Permanent Representative to the United Nations Yuriy Serheyev said this in an interview with the Voice of Russia radio station, reports Ukrinform. "The comments, which the Ukrainian delegation had to make [on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly], stated that the country could be useful in political, organizational and legal terms," he said. The diplomat said that two years ago Ukraine was re-elected for another term in the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), which will deal with the destruction of chemical stockpiles in Syria. Moreover, he added, Ukraine headed the executive council of the organization this May. "We can help coordinate overall efforts, process approaches, adopt certain decisions, and form the legal basis for further actions," Serheyev said. Ukraine's permanent representative to the UN also said that Ukraine's decision to send its experts to Syria would depend on "what experts are needed." "Obviously, the decision will be taken so that anyone who can be useful in any area will not be disregarded by major players, first and foremost, by the UN Security Council," Serheyev said. The Ukrainian diplomat said that political ways had currently been opened to jointly solve the problem of chemical weapons in Syria. "Further dialogue would be impossible without a political decision. Therefore, we believe that Ukraine could be useful primarily due to our experience in the OPCW," Ukraine's permanent representative to the UN said.