Ukraine MPs propose to label Russian goods

A group of Verkhovna Rada MPs proposes to amend the law "On protection of consumers' rights”, in particular, recommend labeling products imported from the aggressor country and temporarily occupied territories

15 September 2015 16:10

Verkhovna Rada MPs propose "to brand" products from hostile country.

According to the Ukrinform, due to this initiative, a bill №3078 has been drafted and posted on the official website of the Verkhovna Rada Sept. 14.

The next MPs propose this initiative to deal with Russian and Crimean trade turnover: Igor Lutsenko, Ivan Krulko, Sergei Rybalko, Mustafa Nayem, Victoria Ptashnik, Vitaly Kupriy, Yaroslav Markevich, Elena Sotnik, Alena Shkrum, Andrey Vadaturskiy, Igor Mosiychuk and Andrey Lozovoy.

The Head of the Kherson City Council Vladimir Nikolayenko also called on the owners of large retail chains to carry out the decision of the City Council and label goods produced in the country-aggressor.