(QHA) -

The EU-Ukraine Association Council, which began its work on December 15, has confirmed the determination of both parties to achieve a visa-free regime provided that conditions for well-managed and secure mobility are in place.

This is stated in a press release following the first inaugural meeting of the council.

"[The Association Council] welcomed that Ukraine has fulfilled all the benchmarks under the first phase of the Visa Liberalization Action Plan. It took positive note that the assessment of the benchmarks under the second phase has been launched and encouraged full and effective implementation of all benchmarks," reads the report.

In addition, the European Union and Ukraine again condemned Russia's joining of Crimea.

"The EU and Ukraine condemned the annexation of Crimea by the Russian Federation, which they will not recognize, and the continued presence and infiltration of illegal forces, mercenaries, weapons and military equipment originating from the territory of the Russian Federation," reads the document.