Ukraine calls to respond to nuclear plans of RF in Crimea

Representatives of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry told the UN General Assembly how the occupation of Crimea threatens Europe

13 October 2016 17:57

Russia has turned Ukrainian peninsula into a strong military base with modern weapons, capable of targeting not only the territories of the Black Sea region but also Europe. The issue was raised on October 12, at a side-event entitled: "Militarisation of the occupied Crimea - a growing threat in the region and beyond", on the margins of the First Committee of the United Nations General Assembly  according the press service of the Ukrainian MFA.

During the discussion, Director of the Department of the International Security of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Sergey Shutenko made a presentation of the Russian military presence in Crimea.

According to him, the International community should as well adequately respond to Russia's plans to deploy its nuclear arsenals in Crimea.

"The policy of provocation by the Russian Federation in Crimea, which contains plans to deploy nuclear weapons there, requires a consolidated response from the international community”, said the Director of the Department of the International Security of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.

The representative of the MFA of Ukraine also stressed that Ukraine condemns military exercise "Caucasus-2016", that violates international law. He also drew participants’ attention to the fact that the Russian troops, which previously fought in Syria, participated in the exercise.

Reportedly, the Ukrainian presentation aroused great interest of delegates in the First Committee of the UN General Assembly. Representatives of more than 50 delegations including Poland, Netherlands, France, Turkey, Latvia, Estonia, Canada and the United States attended the event. The participants condemned the Russian occupation of Crimea and reaffirmed their support for the territorial integrity of Ukraine.

The presentation of Russian military capacities in Crimea can be found here.

Photo: Internet