ANKARA (QHA) - Embassy of Ukraine in Turkish Republic sent its appeal for support and assistance to the resettlement of the Crimean Tatar nation and settlement of the Crimean Tatar problem in whole to some Crimean Tatar associations in Turkey as well as to several Turkish MPs.
In this letter the embassy describes the crime of the Stalin’s regime against the Crimean Tatar nation and it tells in details about activities of the independent Ukraine for the Crimean Tatars after their repatriation to the Motherland.
However, the embassy states these efforts are not enough to settle problems of the Crimean Tatar nation: “The Crimean Tatars are in need of serious economical and intellectual sources. Unfortunately, Ukraine has difficulty in finding necessary funds to realize economical projects in all regions of the country without exception because of the economical crisis”.
Further, the embassy wrote Ukraine is interested to get assistance of the Crimean Tatar NGOs in Turkey: “Just because, the state (Ukraine – ed.) is interested in international support. In this connection, the Crimean Tatar NGOs working in Turkish Republic can assist to resettle the Crimean Tatars in their historical Motherland. The Ukrainian state concentrates upon the settlement of problems and guaranteeing the interests of the Crimean Tatar people as soon as possible”.