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If Ukraine were accepted as a NATO member, it would end any relations between the alliance and Moscow, Russia’s Deputy Defense Minister Anatoly Antonov warned, according to RT.

The announcement comes a day after Ukraine’s Parliament has voted to drop the country’s non-block status which allows Ukraine to become part of the NATO.

“So far the Ukrainian parliament’s decision to abandon its non-alignment status does not threaten Russia’s security. It’s a political decision. But if in the future this decision leads to military aspects, namely joining NATO, we will react accordingly. Then we will have absolutely all ties with NATO severed, and such a rift would be virtually impossible to mend,” he said.

Ukraine's parliament on Tuesday voted to drop the country's non-aligned status and work towards NATO membership, with 303 MP voted in favor.

A note explaining the changes in Ukraine's law on domestic and foreign policy said that the "non-bloc" status codified under then-President Viktor Yanukovych in 2010 had left the country vulnerable to "external aggression and pressure.".