For a long time in the public dimension of Romania, Ukraine was not positioned as a friendly state. Information space and political assessments were in an atmosphere of mutual suspicion, distrust and even hostility between the two countries.

But 2014 was a decisive year in diplomatic relations between the two states. Romania was the first EU state to ratify the agreement on association with Ukraine.

“After five years of work in Ukraine, I want to show you the results of our work. The discussion paper describes the beginning of a difficult but useful dialogue on relationship between the two neighboring states. We have reached a new level of trust, but it is only the beginning and we cannot say now that we have already decided all the issues,” said the Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Romania to Ukraine Cornel Ionescu.

The main reason for the intensification of bilateral relations was the recognition of common security threats that have emerged after the annexation of Crimea.

“Notably, the situation that has developed today in Ukraine will allow solving the existing problems of regional security,” said Gennady Altukhov, Deputy Director of the Second European Department of the Ukraine Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

He also added that despite the progress in relations between the two countries, it is necessary to apply additional efforts to solve common problems, because, despite the fact that Russian aggression intensified cooperation of Kyiv and Bucharest, the countries should unite not only against a common enemy.

It should be noted that the discussion paper "Foreign Policy Audit: Ukraine-Romania" has been prepared within the framework of "Audit of foreign policy in Ukraine" project of the World Policy Institute with the support of the Black Sea Regional Cooperation Fund.