(QHA) -

Ukraine accused Russia on Wednesday of abducting a woman army officer captured by separatist fighters in eastern Ukraine and demanded she be released and returned home.

Nadiya Savchenko, 33, was seized by pro-Russian rebels in June while she was fighting with pro-government militia on the outskirts of Luhansk on the border with Russia, local media said.

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry said in a statement Savchenko had been spirited across the border illegally after she was seized by the separatists.

"By openly abducting citizens of Ukraine on the territory of their state, the Russian authorities not only violate all international norms but also exceed elementary norms of decency and morality," the statement added.

meanwhile Vladimir Markin, the spokesman for Russia's Investigative Committee, has confirmed that Ukrainian pilot Nadiya Savchenko being held in Russia, saying she was a suspect in a criminal inquiry into the journalists' deaths on June 17.

Savchenko is currently being held in a detention facility in Voronezh.

The Ukrainian Foreign Minister has expressed its "resolute and categorical protest" over Savchenko's detention in Russia, and has called on the international community to condemn "Russia's unlawful actions."