KYIV (QHA) - Ukrainian opposition leaders have vowed to continue their struggle hours after President Viktor Yanukovych offered them two senior posts to defuse a widening crisis, RFE/RL reports. Addressing supporters on January 25 in Kyiv, Vitali Klitschko repeated opposition calls for snap presidential elections and changes to the constitution. Arseniy Yatsenyuk said the opposition was ready to take on responsibility but added the "people will determine the power in Ukraine." Earlier, Yanukovych offered Yatsenyuk the post of prime minister and Klitschko the post of deputy prime minister for humanitarian affairs to defuse protests that are now spreading from Kyiv to other parts of the country. Yanukovych also agreed to consider changes to the constitution, which currently gives most powers to the president. "We are not throwing out the proposal, but we are not accepting it, either. We are conducting serious consultations among three opposition forces," Yatsenyuk said later at a news conference in Kyiv.