Kyiv (QHA) -  “Yulia
Tymoshenko should be released for health treatment in Germany”, - said the U.S.
Ambassador to Ukraine John Tefft, in his interview to

 “Our position on this matter is clear, we are
explaining it over again, Yulia Tymoshenko should be released for getting
medical treatment in Germany" - the diplomat said.

government knows our position and close co-ordination with Mr.Cox and
Mr.Kwasniewski, who are working on solving this issue in European Parliament.”

to Mr.Tefft, the U.S. has no plans to impose sanctions on Ukrainian politicians
and officials in connection with Tymoshenko’s situation.

“We have no
intentions about sanctions or refusals of visas yet. We hope Ukraine will make
the right decision and will return to the path of democratic principles and human
rights,”- claimed the U.S. Ambassador.

to Yulia Tymoshenko’ daughter Eugenia, the state of her mother heaths has not
improved and remains heavy.

lawyer intends pressing for operation being performed in German.