(QHA) - Ex-premier of Ukraine Yulia Tymoshenko has called on Ukrainians to strive for urgent early presidential elections in Ukraine, Interfax-Ukraine reports. "The only way out of the present precarious situation is the immediate peaceful dismissal of Yanukovych through a constitutional way based on the people's will," reads the statement announced by lawyer of ex-premier Serhiy Vlasenko outside the Kharkiv Central Clinic No. 5 on Wednesday. Tymoshenko stressed that people should have strive in particular for president's dismissal. "If we postpone this case, by 2015, we'll lose Ukraine. One more time I repeat that there will be no fair presidential elections in 2015, the same as happened in the five trouble districts last Sunday. Yanukovych should be peacefully and constitutionally dismissed today, and then the entire power system changed, to sign Association with the European Union and do other useful things. If Yanukovych rules the country, the agreement [on association with the EU] is under the threat," the statement from Tymoshenko read.