“An economic blockade of Crimea ought to have been put in place as far back as 2014,” wrote Dmitry Tymchuk, MP and Head of Information Resistance group, on his Facebook page commenting on Crimea’s blockade.

“The fact that an economic blockade of Crimea is being undertaken by public activists is a slap in Ukraine’s face. That is what the government ought to have done way back in spring 2014”, said Tymchuk.

The MP believes that ‘Crimean residents have two options: either to fight for Crimea’s return to Ukraine or wait to be fed by the ‘little green men’ who are so loved on the peninsula’.

"And spare me all your moaning and groaning about economic interests of Ukraine and some businessmen being allegedly damaged. Either we fight for Ukraine’s territorial integrity (including economically) or do business. It’s no secret that wars are won by soldiers, not businessmen,” he wrote.

“It’s also a way of testing Putin’s IQ, if he has one, of course. What was he even thinking about when ‘returning Crimea to Russia’? A statesman’s wisdom lies not in an ability to steal something from his neighbor when he’s weak, but in an ability to foresee the consequences of his own decisions and actions. And I’m not being gleeful over his inaptitude. I just hope that Ukraine will do unto her enemy the way any reasonable country would,” wrote Dmitry Tymchuk.