AQYAR/SEVASTOPOL (QHA) - One of the richest men of Ukraine Vadym Novynskyi has won in the by-election to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine in the 224th majoritarian district in Aqyar, the official website of the Central Election Committee informs.
He received 53.41% of votes.
Communist Vasyl Parkhomenko got 32.19% and independent candidate Vasyl Zelenchuk got 6.42%.
Head of the Crimean branch of the Committee of Voters of Ukraine Andrii Krysko states about many violations of the legislation that influenced considerably to a result of this by-election. The CVU considers the legality of these elections is doubtful at least.
It is noteworthy that the billionaire Novynskyi of the Russian origin got the Ukrainian citizenship for outstanding service before Ukraine in May of 2012 under the decree of the president Yanukovych.
Although he run in the by-election as the independent candidate, he stated he would join to the Regions Party deputy group in the Ukraine’s parliament.