Oleg Tyagnibok, the leader of Svoboda party, was questioned by law enforcement officials in connection with the incident outside the Verkhovna Radan August, 31, when members of Svoboda and other opposition parties staged clashes with law enforcement officers and the National Guard. As a result, 150 people have been harmed .

Immediately after the incident, Arsen Avakov, Ukrainian Interior Minister, wrote a statement on his FB page accusing the Svoboda activists, Oleg Tyagnibok in particular, of the conflict escalation outside the Parliament. The Head of Law Enforcement Agency says Svoboda members have art and part in wounding police officers, as well as the grenade caused death of a Nat Guard officer.

After the clashes, some activists were detained and later either sentenced to imprisonment or released under house arrest. Oleg Tyagnibok was summoned for questioning.

- After testifying as a witness of those events, re-examination was scheduled on September, 14. It is obvious that my evidence is not sufficient to carry out the investigation, Oleg Tyagnibok told the reporters.

The Svoboda leader also said that he and his lawyers had no claims to investigators regarding the interrogation. Prior to interrogation Tyagnibok claimed that he intended to file a lawsuit against Minister Avakov’s statements, accusing Svoboda party. According to him, the government is now trying to put pressure on members of radical organizations.