During, the EU-Ukraine Dialogue on the Human Rights, the First Deputy Minister of Information Policy of Ukraine Emine Dzhaparova informed that most of the politically persecuted in the annexed Crimea territory are the representatives of the Crimean Tatar people.

- For already two years since the illegal invasion of Crimea, the Russian occupation ‘authority’ have implemented repressive policies against citizens of Ukraine, in particular, the Crimean Tatars, which is a total ban on freedom of thought, expression, information dissemination and on other rights and freedoms. Systemic discrimination and violation of the rights of the Crimea indigenous people aims to arouse fear, wipe out the Crimean Tatars’ self-identity and drive them out of the peninsula. Evidence of Russia's repressive policy against the Crimean Tatars is, first of all, presented by the fact that today there are 24 political prisoners, 16 missing and 10 dead in Crimea, among which 18 political prisoners, 10 missing and 7 dead are the Crimean Tatars. Such illegal actions of the Crimean ‘law enforcement’ as detentions, fines, interrogations and searches have become a constant formula of persecution on political grounds, - Dzhaparova noted.

According to her, such violations of human rights in the occupied Crimea should be followed by immediate joint response from Ukraine and the European Union in the informational, political and legal aspects.