Prime Minister of Turkey Ahmet Davutoglu proposed Syrian President Bashar Assad to stay in Moscow. According to him, then Syria would begin a real transition to a new government, reports Reuters.

- What can I say. If only he (Assad - Ed.) would stay longer in Moscow so the Syrian people can be at ease, or if only he could stay there permanently and a real transition period could begin, said Davutoglu.

He also noted that Ankara's position in relation to the Syrian president remains the same. The Turkish government believes that Assad has lost legitimacy and is no longer able to stay in power.

Reminder: Bashar Assad visited Moscow where he held talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin. This trip was the first in the last four years of Assad’s ruling. The West and Russia keep discussing Assad’s ouster.

Assad and Putin talked about the extension of the Russian military operation in Syria, which ought to help the Syrian armed forces go on the offensive, as well as the joint fight against terrorists and extremists, opposed by Assad.