Turkish police investigators say that the "Islamic State"   is behind the terrorist attack killing dozens of people at Istanbul’s international airport named after Kemal Ataturk, said Charge d'Affaires of the Republic of Turkey in Ukraine Ozgun Talu in his comments to QHA.

“As of now, this is preliminary information, the investigation is ongoing,” he said.

Ozgun Talu said that flights at the Turkish airport are resumed and Turkish authorities are taking measures to ensure order.

“We have received many letters of solidarity from the Ukrainian citizens and the authorities. I have just a telephone call from the head of the National Police expressing her condolences and offering assistance in case of need,” Talu said.

Today, from the early morning, Ukrainians have been laying flowers in memory of those killed at Ataturk airport near the entrance to the Turkish Embassy in Kyiv.

The explosion in Istanbul’s airport has once again shown that terrorism is a global threat. It is noteworthy that the attack occurred at a time when Turkey has pursued a successful struggle against terrorists and separatists, as well as normalizes relations with neighboring countries.

Turkish Prime Minister B. Yildirim also said that all the evidence suggests that ISIS terrorist organization is behind the explosion at the Turkish airport.