ISTANBUL (QHA) - Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Sunday adressed millions at the Justice and Development (AK) Party rally under the theme "Let's spoil the big game and write history" in Istanbul.
According to Anadolu Ajansi, Erdogan said, "If international media want a picture of Turkey, the picture is here," at the opening of his party's rally.
He noted that the international media, CNN, Reuters, BBC should hide this picture too and underlined, "Hundreds of thousands here are not like the vandalists with petrol-bombs in their hands."
"International media is alone with their lies" Erdogan declared and reminded "Even though the court may make a decision against us, we will still hold a plebiscite for Taksim Gezi Park".
He said, "They cheer us from the ships in Bosphorus, saying we are by your side not only at Gezi but everywhere" and warned that they will identify social media provocators one by one, asking the people, "What are the foreigners coming from various places of the world doing in Taksim?"
Erdogan said, "We know very well who sent 30 thousand food boxes to Taksim".
"Turkey is not a nation that will be punished by a parliament incapable of recognizing Turkey" referring to EP's decision Erdogan highlighted.
He asked the question, "those who seek destroying public order are called "Capulcu" (Chapuller) Aren't they capulcu, then?" and declared, "Those who terrorized for 18 days will pay the price within the boundaries of law".
Erdogan also added "Firstly they attacked the building of AK Party in Ankara, then killed 53 in Reyhanli town, now they appeared in Gezi Park".
Erdogan reminded that bus stations in Ankara were destroyed and more than 200 cars were burned during the protests and added, "This country is not just an ordinary land. You can not hold a rally whereever you wish. You can, where it is allowed", explaining that clearing Gezi Park is "my duty as Prime Minister".
"I said, clear off here otherwise we will do it, whatever the price, despite the terrorist organizations" he warned and reminded that Gezi Park has been emptied now, "Taksim and Gezi Park were submitted to the nation".
Erdogan underlined, "Turkish nation made price paid for May 27 and February 28 at the ballot box" adding that no dirty scenario can hurt the Turkish nation and that Turkey is not a country that international media can play games on.
He appealed to the local and foreign press to be honest and ethical, and explained the plans about Gezi Park, "We will construct a city museum at Taksim, 500 trees will stand there, while the others will decorate the site".
Erdogan said in Istanbul that those who can't absorb Turkey's development, started destabilizing by using excuse of environment and that they will never succeed and noted, "we came to power by 50 percent of votes but represent 100 percent."
Erdogan reminded, "In this country, minority cannot dominate majority. We also do not say "YES" to the domination of majority over minority".
He told the crowd, "I want you to display the flag of Turkey at your balconies. This is a flag campaign. You will give the best response to them".