The arrest warrant was issued in Izmir for a former general of the Turkish Armed Forces serving in the NATO headquarters in Virginia (US) in the framework of the investigation of a failed military coup and the involvement of the FETÖ in it.

The former general was expelled from the Turkish Armed Forces and instead of returning to the Republic, Ugurlu appealed to the US authorities asking for asylum. It is reported that July, 22 Ugurlu left the service in Norfolk, and since then there has been no news from him.

Deputy Chief Prosecutor of the Republic in Izmir Okan Bato launched an investigation on a military espionage a bit earlier due to the information received on the data leakage and breaches in the work on the identification of a criminal organization FETÖ in the Turkish Armed Forces.

A decision was taken to detain 24 people. Following that Bato sent an order to take six military to the Prosecutor's Office with admirals being among them.

The night of July, 15- 16 an attempted military coup was committed in Turkey. Part of the Turkish military, who announced the seizure of power in the country, claimed responsibility for the attempt.

The attempted coup was plotted and organized by Fethullah Gülen, who is now in the United States. On the recommendation of the Security Council as of July, 21 the Parliament of the Republic of Turkey declared a three-month state of emergency in the country.

Photo: Internet