ANKARA (QHA) - While Turkey leaped forward in economic terms, it was Croatia that completed the negotiations with EU and got the membership with "weak ration card" in terms of the macro-economic indicators.
Turkey and Croatia, which have started accession negotiations to EU on October 3, 2005, have showed great differences in terms of economic growth and development in the intervening eight years.
Since the begining of the negotiations, Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of Turkey has increased 76.4 percent whereas Croatia's GDP has increased 34.2 percent, according to the datas of International Monetary Fund (IMF) and European Statistical Office (Eurostat) data.
Croatia's per capita income has also progressed lesser than Turkey's.
Croatia will be admitted to full membership as of July 1.

Croatia-Turkey economic indicatorsEconomic Indicators Croatia Turkey
Years 2005 2013 2005 2013
Gross Domestic Product(billion $) 44.785 60.619 482.685 851.817
Per capita income (thousand $) 10.082 13.654 7.039 11.236
Unemployment rate (percent) 12.7 15.2 10.6 9.3
Public debt to GDP ratio (percent) 38.1 59.3 52.7 35.4