The General Prosecutor's Office of the Turkish city of Istanbul get down to the issue concerning the return of the coupists to territory of the Republic of Turkey. The insurgents fled to Greece following a failed military coup on July, 15.

The authorities of Greece and the General Directorate for Justice and International Law with the Ministry of Justice have been sent a request to extradite eight escaped insurgents.

The coupists are charged with "harming the Constitution by force and violence", "attempt on the president", "offense against the legitimate authorities and the government," the Turkish Republic Ambassador to Ukraine Yonet Can Tezel told the QHA News Agency stressing that the coupist will face the objective in Turkey.

July, 16 a Turkish military helicopter with eight people on board landed in Greece. The helicopter crew sought asylum in Greece. The Turkish Foreign Minister Cavusoglu, in turn, demanded to extradite the runaway insurgents to Greece.

July, 19 runaway coupists were interviewed for asylum in the relevant committee. July, 21 the Court of the Greek city of Alexandroupolis sentenced Turkish coupists to two months in prison for illegal crossing of the Greek border.

Photo: Internet