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The first court hearing regarding the return from Netherlands of a collection of golden Scythian items belonging to four Crimean museums will be held on January 21, an official representative of the University of Amsterdam, which is the owner of the Allard Pierson Museum where the collection was exhibited, told RIA Novosti Monday.

“The first hearing will take place on January, 21” Yasha Lange said, adding that the Allard Pierson Museum is keeping in touch with all the parties concerned through their legal representatives.

A collection of more than 2,000 unique exhibits was put on view in Amsterdam early in February 2014, before Crimean annexation. The collection of Scythian gold has been claimed by both Ukraine and Russia.

The exhibition includes what the museum says are ‘spectacular archaeological finds’, including gold items, a scabbard and a ceremonial helmet, and countless precious gems.

Exhibits of the Kiev Museum which were also on view in the Dutch capital were returned to Ukraine in September.