September 5, 2015. Sergey Aksenov, head of Crimea annexed by Russia, said in his interview with Graham Phillips, British journalist, that the ‘total sweep-up’ campaign (zachistka) against bureaucracy would be launched in Crimea in the coming months.

“Zachistka will be total. We intend to dismiss a number of officials in September,” said Sergey Aksenov.

He also said that he personally removed over 40 officials from their posts for various reasons during the last year.

“I do not wait for the outcome of investigation and the verdict of the court. I am a man of business and can quickly identify whether an official has intention. I will not work with the officials, who realize that someone will benefit of any process but do not take any relative measures. That is some kind of signal to me,” said Sergey Aksenov. He also noted that ‘a special telephone line would be open soon for those willing to inform about corruption crimes in the Republic’.