On October 24-30 the Week of Crimean Tatar Culture took place in Lviv (Ukraine).The event, attended by Crimean Tatar and Ukrainian experts, was hosted for the fourth time, RISU informs.

In the frameworks of the event, discussion “The Role of the Crimean Tatars in Building a New Ukraine” was held.

Talking about religious situation, the newly elected head of Mejlis of Crimean Tatars, Refat Chubarov, stressed that one of the principles of traditional Crimean Islam is tolerance. But he also did not rule out that there are internal and external threats of radicalization.

“A joint task of the Committee of Muslims of Crimea and the Mejlis is to understand and explain what is ours and what is foreign,” - he said at the discussion.

“Crimean Tatar Islam is different; however, radical Islam is more active, and so people get the idea that the activity of a small marginal group reflects the activity of Crimean Islam. This opinion was expressed by candidate of science, analyst Elmira Muratova.

“Islam is an important factor of identity for Crimean Tatars; it helped save them, to not to dissolve, but it has moved into a phase of folk Islam, which has no canons and theology,” - she added.

The Head of Mejlis also pointed out some issues that are to be settled.

“The Crimean Tatars have returned to their land, which is now a part of independent Ukraine, they find themselves part of Ukraine, but they have a list of grievances for the Ukrainian authorities, from whom they had expected a lot, - he noted. For example, the issues of property restitution and the restoration of place names are still not resolved”