(QHA) -

There is no vacant land in Simferopol, head of Simferopol Administration Gennady Bakharev announced.

“We have made an inventory of the land, and I can say there is no vacant land in Simferopol”- Bakharev said, adding that there are disputed areas within the bounds of Crimean capital, that had been allocated earlier.

“There are disputed areas of land, which were allocated in the nineties. The acts were given for the land and the property was registered”- Bakharev said, adding that such facts exist all over the peninsula.

“Sanatoriums, land were allocated no one knows how and no one knows for what. The land was sold for a paltry sum of money. In this case we will take a clear position, deal with every object separately. We will estimate the property and suggest other variants instead”- he summed up.

Crimean authorities have already nationalized Simferopol Bread Products Plant and Crimea’s Krymkhleb PAO (Public Joint Stock Company) and "Ayvazovskoye" GP integral property complex, which was earlier controlled by the former governor of Donetsk oblast Sergey Taruta.

As we earlier reported, Crimean authorities announced their plans to expand the boundaries of Simferopol, by taking the land plots seized by Crimean Tatars and allocating it for house building for FSB and police officers.