(QHA) - The European Union is ready to resume preparations for signing an association agreement as soon as Ukraine shows its readiness to resume movement towards political association and economic integration with the EU for the benefit of its citizens, according to Ukrinform. European Commissioner for Enlargement and European Neighborhood Policy Stefan Fule said this in a statement, zn.ua reported. "The door to signature of the Association Agreement remains open for the future once the conditions are ripe," he said. Fule said that the European Union remains firm in its commitment to bring EU-Ukraine relations to a new level, opening up new opportunities through enhanced freedoms and prosperity for the Ukrainian people. "We are confident that this would be a better deal for Ukraine than the status quo. The signing of the most ambitious agreement the EU has ever offered to a partner country would send a clear signal to investors worldwide, as well as to international financial institutions, that Ukraine is serious about its modernization pledge and becomes a predictable and reliable interlocutor for international markets," he said. The commissioner recalled that EU High Representative and Vice President of the European Commission Catherine Ashton clearly said in a statement on Thursday that the signing of the agreement "would have provided a unique opportunity to reverse the recent discouraging trend of decreasing foreign direct investment in Ukraine - and would have given momentum to negotiations on a new Stand-By Arrangement with the International Monetary Fund." As reported, on November 21, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine passed a decree suspending the process of preparations for the signature of an association agreement between Ukraine and the EU.