SIMFEROPOL (QHA) - Crimean authorities may have known about mosques attack in Crimea in advance, because today no official statements of the Crimean or Ukrainian authorities have been made regarding the attacks. Such opinion was expressed by the deputy of Ukrainian Parliament, former head of Crimean militia Gennadiy Moskal in comments to QHA agency. “I haven’t heard any official statements from authorities, that they have convened an extraordinary session of the Crimean Parliament… Neither I heard statements from the Permanent representation of the President of Ukraine in Crimea or the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine… or Ukrainian Prime MinisterNikolayAzarov,” said Moskal. In his opinion, silence of Crimean authorities regarding fires in the mosques indicates at their advanced awareness about the provocations. “If something like that happened in the western Ukraine… if fires were set in Orthodox churches it would have gathered the crowd from local authorities, Internal Affairs Ministry, prosecutor’s office etc. Here in Crimea, there is silence….It may indicate that the Crimean authorities knew about this in advance,” concluded Moskal. Moskal also suggested the purpose that organizers of fires pursued. “The fires in the mosques are clear provocations to destabilize the situation in Crimea. This was done on the eve of the major Muslim holiday to dampen the holiday and to show that Crimea is not as stable as reported by Prime Minister Mogilev. In this case, Mogilev’s chatter about cooperation of Crimean Tatars with authorities will not help,” he said. It should be noted that Crimean Prime Minister Mogilev commented the mosques attack in Crimea to crimea.comments site calling them provocations aimed at destabilization of situation in Crimea. “These actions are directed against the entire multinational Crimea and the achieved over the last few years stability on the peninsula. Any manifestations of religious intolerance will have strict legal consequences,” said Mogilev. As reported, on the eve of the Muslim holiday KurbanBayram, two mosques in Crimea were set on fire. On October 13, Central mosque of Saki was set on fire. On October 15, mosque in Rovnoye settlement of Krasnogvardeyskiy district was also fired.