Occupation and terrorist forces continue to violate the ceasefire in demarcation area. The OSCE officers record the repeated violations by militants, who use artillery shelling the positions of Ukrainian military.

According to the press service of the ATO headquarters,  militants have opened unsighted fire on ATO forces positions 10 times. The terrorists provoked Ukrainian military to return fire using infantry fighting vehicles (BMP) and small arms near Avdiivka city, as well as a 82-mm mortar near Marinka town.

In the area of Zaitseve and Luhanske, the militants were firing from automatic grenade launchers and heavy machine guns.

However, Ukrainian soldiers have no right to return fire. They can do it only at aimed fire, in self-defense. 

The activity of militants is connected with another ‘gumkonvoi’ (convoy of ‘humanitarian aid’) sent by Russia to Ukraine.