(QHA) -

Chinese investors have decided to resume talks on the construction of a deep-water Crimean port, that is worth $3 billion, Crimean First Deputy Prime Minister Rustam Temirgaliev announced, QHA reported.

“We are planning to launch the project as soon as steps on introduction of the ruble and supplying the peninsula with public water are finalized,” Temirgaliev said.

Russian and Chinese parties will meet to discuss the project in August, he said, adding that Chinese investments got back on the business agenda after recent visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin to China.

The Crimean project was unveiled at the Chinese-Ukrainian summit in Beijing in December 2013. This concerns the construction of a deep-water port near Yevpatoria with the involvement of Chinese capital.

Earlier, Crimean environmentalists warned the then Crimean authorities that the construction of the deep-water port would erode the sand beaches.