Canadian Foreign Minister called for strengthening of anti-Russian sanctions, reported the Foreign Affairs Minister Stephane Dion as cited by EvroPravda with reference to Canadian reference to Canadian sources.

Dion said that although the rupture of relations with Russia has not brought any benefit neither to Canadians, nor Russians and Ukrainians, sanctions are still a good policy.

- The sanctions imposed on Russia in retaliation for its aggression against Ukraine are effective only because they are being imposed by a large number of countries. Canada must continue to require that these collective sanctions be maintained, or even strengthened, said Dion.

The Minister also commented on an "empty chair policy" practiced against the Russian Federation.

- As long as we refuse to engage Russia through diplomatic and political channels, we preclude any opportunity to support Ukraine through negotiations, said Stéphane Dion.

Cooperation is inevitable in other areas, in particular, and Russia, as well as Canada are Arctic nations.

-Canada will continue to speak out against the illegal annexation of Crimea and its Russian aggression in eastern Ukraine, in this, we strongly support our NATO allies. However, this does not contradict the restoration of diplomatic negotiations with Russia, as do our allies, said the Minister.

In his opinion, such action can help both Ukraine and Europe.

Photo: Internet