Crimean Tatars don’t have enshrined into legislature guarantees for preservation and development of their ethnicity, which had formed in Crimea and had its state system. This was said by newly elected head of Mejlis of Crimean Tatar people Refat Chubarov in an interview to ZN.UA. Chubarov said that he will seek the adoption of legislative acts, enshrining status and rights of Crimean Tatars. “Now not a single piece of legislature addresses development of Crimean Tatars, guarantees their rights and legal framework for their exercising in Ukraine”- he explained. According to head of Mejlis, Ukrainian legislature does not even have a reading on who the indigenous people are. “We must get a clear answer to this question. This could be the law “On the status of Crimean Tatar people in Ukraine”, the draft of which was earlier registered at the Ukrainian Parliament; however it was not considered,” said Chubarov. According to head of Mejlis, clear legal framework should be provided to enable Crimean Tatars, as an indigenous population of Crimea to participate in decision making in Crimea. Chubarov noted that today Crimean Tatars are “poorly represented in the Crimean authorities and do not participate in the decision making”. He also said that lack of appropriate legislation “does not allow the Crimean Tatars feel confident at their homeland”. Earlier Chubarov said that on the threshold of signing an Association Agreement between Ukraine and the European Union, Crimean Tatars consciously do not make loud statements and do not hold protests not to interfere with the ratification of the document.