Security Service of Ukraine in Poltava region detained a female officer from Crimea, who had moved to serve in the Russian Armed Forces after the annexation of the peninsula, according to the SSU press-center.

“The Ukrainian Security Service officials together with the Military Prosecutor's Office detained the military personnel in the village Kotelva, Poltava region. She deserted and went over to the occupants after the illegal annexation of Crimea, reads the statement. 

Reportedly, in 2013 she moved to the Crimea, where she served as an FM relay station mechanic in Sevastopol.

“Following the occupation of the peninsula, the woman received Russian citizenship and joined the service of the occupiers. The Security Services officials established that the former member of the Armed Forces of Ukraine came to her parents in Poltava in late July. The woman had planned to get a Ukrainian passport on another name to move freely around the country,” the SSU informed.

PHOTO: SSU press-center