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Ukraine’s largest bank, Privat bank, promised to pay US$10,000 for every “Moskal” – which is an insulting word used by Ukrainians to refer to Russians.

 “Anyone who furthermore arrests a Kremlin-backed saboteur and passes him to the National Resistance Headquarters in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast will receive $10,000. Freeing any government building will lead to a $200,000 reward, disarming separatists of their weapons could to allow earn an additional $1,000-2,000” -  Dnipropetrovsk Oblast Administration press officer Kateryna Shovkova told the Kyiv Post.

The bank was founded by the country’s third richest man, Kiev-appointed governor of Dnepropetrovsk, Igor Kolomoysky.

Kolomoisky has previously offered especially sharp criticism on Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“Short-sized schizophrenic. He is absolutely inadequate, wholly insane. His messiahship, reviving the Russian Empire of 1913 or the USSR may push the world to a catastrophe,” Kolomoisky said about Putin during one of his first public appearances while in office on March 3.