(QHA) -

American billionaire and philanthropist George Soros believes that the EU ignores the financial condition of Ukraine, urging Brussels to allocate additional funding to Kyiv, he said in an interview with BBC.

According to him, Europe is too preoccupied with financial problems in Greece.

Soros believes that it would be better to encourage the Ukrainians, who tend to Europe and confront the threat from Russia.

"This is a country with more than 40 million people who want to be Europeans, and who really want to stand up and fight, sacrificing their lives, but Europe is ignoring them. This is a terrible, terrible mistake on the part of Europe. And therefore, Europe needs to wake up before it's too late," Soros said.

Previously, he said that Ukraine needs financial assistance worth $50 billion.

Two weeks ago, the IMF decided to provide Ukraine with $17.5 billion in the framework of a four-year financial aid program. As IMF Chairman Christine Lagarde said, Ukraine may receive up to $40 billion, taking into account funds from other lenders.