- Russia has an alternative strategy - to undermine the situation in the middle of our country and to embroil Ukraine with its key partners, leaving it alone in the fight against the aggressor. Some Ukrainian politicians play up to it - this means that they are actually working for Russia and they do not realize the consequences of their dangerous initiatives during a pre-election fever. For example, this attempts to voice their trips to Kiev or their calls for an immediate march to Moscow, the desire to disrupt the amendments in the Constitution or to bury the Minsk Agreement, said Poroshenko.

Going on with his speech, Poroshenko also said about the upcoming actions in the government.

- As for indexation of salaries and pensions, we will find a way to carry it out as soon as possible. Today, first of all, we need to speed up the reforms in law enforcement. Yesterday the new Police in Lviv started working, tomorrow it will work in Odessa. Now we are carrying out an unprecedented cleansing and renewal of the prosecutors. The amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine will change the judiciary. In the nearest future, in the first reading, the government will adopt amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine in terms of decentralization. Then the lion's share of responsibility will pass on to territorial communities. The most important responsibility imposed on the government this fall will be to ensure fair local elections, said the President.