Unidentified snipers have opened fire on a convoy of UN experts investigating suspected chemical weapons attacks in Syria's capital, the UN has said, reports BBC. One car was shot at "multiple times", forcing the convoy to turn back. The UN promised to continue with the inquiry as soon as it could replace the car. "The team returned safely back to the government checkpoint. The team will return to the area after replacing the vehicle," said the UN. Syrian state media blamed opposition "terrorists" for the attack, though the claim could not be verified. Hundreds died in suspected chemical attacks on Wednesday in Damascus. The US said there was little doubt Syrian forces used chemical weapons in the attacks, which reportedly killed more than 300 people in rebel-held areas. The 20-member UN inspection team has been in Syria since 18 August to look into three earlier suspected chemical attacks. The experts intend to take soil, blood, urine and tissue samples for laboratory testing from five locations.