Russia has tangled up in false accusations and allegations about Ukraine destabilizing the situation in the annexed Crimea. But in fact it is just covering the usual drunken gunfight of the Russian security forces, said National Security Council Secretary Oleksandr Turchynov.

The National Security Council Press-service reported that Russian security officials made statements about the events, which allegedly took place on the night of 6/7 August only three days later, on August 10.

“The only explanation of this delay is that the Russian Security Forces needed time to forge the so-called "evidence" of the Ukrainian aggression and to hide the real criminal acts of their subordinates, namely a shootout between different Russian divisions who traditionally abuse alcohol, especially at weekend. Not only the Russian military, but also the Crimean civilians were killed and injured at this skirmish," said the Secretary of the National Security Council.

According to Turchynov, the Russian Security Forces began to talk about the alleged armed attacks of the Ukrainian Intelligence in order to hide their war crimes and to whip up anti-Ukrainian hysteria.

The Secretary of the Ukrainian National Security Council stressed that initially Russia reported about one Ukrainian Intelligence official arrested, but in recent statements the Russian Foreign Ministry reports about the two citizens of Ukraine and Russia, who were civilians and allegedly "facilitated" the actions of the Ukrainian military.

“Everyone understands that they [the FSB-detained "suspects" - Ed.] are just random citizens who were taken for a hastily fabricated FSB provocation to cover up a drunken firing of the Russian military.  But after tortures at the hands of the FSB they will sign or tell any dictated nonsense. The world was lucky that drunken Russian militants did not have access to a more serious weapon that the Russian General Staff deployed to the occupied Crimea,” he said.

Turchinov went on saying that senseless accusations and threats against Ukraine are the consequence of impunity experienced by a revanchist Russia's leadership. According to Turchinov the latter builds its empire on lies, aggression, murder and absence of civil rights.

“History shows that such empires are doomed, they collapse, burying the tyrants under their ruins,” concluded the Secretary of the Ukrainian SNBO.

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko in his official statement said that bringing charges of terrorism against Ukraine in the occupied Crimea sounds as meaningless and cynical .The Head of State stressed that Ukraine seeks restoration of its territorial integrity and sovereignty, including the termination of the Crimea occupation, solely by politico-diplomatic means.

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