He also stressed that the old practice of people going missing and their bodies being discovered afterwards is back in place. No information on other missing individuals is available to this date.

“Despite the fact that the kidnappers were wearing uniforms, no information on the kidnapped is available yet. We still don’t know who those uniformed individuals are and whether they are just as polite as Putin’s little green men were,” writes Smedlyayev.

“Unfortunately, the so called Crimean Tatars collaborating with the new authorities are becoming silently complicit or directly involved in the crimes because Aksyonov’s enemies are their enemies too. Being outcasts, they hold those who didn’t yield under pressure and are trying to stop them from enslaving their own people responsible for their failures and frustrations and vent their anger on them,” he wrote.

According to Smedlyayev, a meeting of the residents of the village of Ichki (Sovetsky) with a Crimean Tatar official resulted in their houses being searched by the police.

“This is just another wave of repression meant to make Crimean Tatars, compliant as it is, silent by shutting down independent Crimean Tatar medias, thus denying them the right to reliable information and installing collaborators in public offices,” surmised Zair Smedlyayev.

According to Smedlyayev, there will be more repressions, searches, people going missing, arrests and illegal incarcerations.

“The narrow minded in the government believe they can detract people from noticing declining living standards caused by the deep recession. And if those who are saying how better off they are now have failed to see that it’s because they forgot to mention they’re better off because others are worse off,” he said.

That said, Smedlyayev still believes ‘the criminals will be held accountable for their transgressions".

“But things change and I’m positive the criminals will be brought to justice for their crimes after it’s over,” he writes.

On September 8, 2015, FSS (Federal Security Service) officers searched houses in the village of Urozhainoye of the Sovetskiy district of Crimea. Crimean Tatar families, who are on friendly terms with the family of Ali Asanov, a Crimean Tatar currently on trial for his involvement in the so called ‘February 26’ case, live in two of the searched houses.