Arrest of Eskender Nebiev, a cameraman for ATR TV Channel, is another act of intimidation, the CEC Head at the Kurultai of the Crimean Tatar people Zair Smedlyaev commented on Nebiev’s arrest for case of "February, 26" in an interview with the QHA (Crimean News Agency).

- On the one hand - the element of intimidation, on the other – demonstration saying "in response to your blockade we have started our own reprisals." Therefore, it is an element of trade - you lift the blockade, and we won’t continue the arrests, said Smedlyaev.

According to Smedlyaev, one of the grounds for the cameraman’s arrest is that Nebiev does not give false testimony against Ahtem Chiygoz who for more than 8 months has already been in custody on charges of organizing the riots at a meeting Feb. 26, 2014.

- The prosecution cannot gather evidence against Chiygoz, except for perjury of some officials, who in such a way try to look as if they doing something ... , added the Kurultai CEC Head.

Reminder: Friday, Oct. 9, a cameraman for ATR TV Chanenel Eskender Nebiev has been taken into custody before the hearing.

The trial to determine the further term of Nebiev’s being in custody to be held on Monday. As it became known, Nebiev is still being accused of participation in the rally Feb. 26, 2014. On this charge the cameraman has already served in jail 2 months - from late April to late June.