(QHA) -

Simferopol Prosecutor office has sent its representative Gulnara Ibragimova to “Crimea” Fund” charitable organization on July 31 to talk to Organization’s Director General Riza Shevkiev.

The visit comes after Ibragimova informed Shevkiev by phone that she was going to examine the documents of the building where offices of Mejlis of Crimean Tatar people and “Crimea” Fund” were located.

However Ibragimova wanted tet-a-tet dialogue and refused to speak in front of the media, member of auditing committee of Kurulay Ali Ozenbash and head of CEC of Kurultay Zair Smedlyaev, who were present in the office at that time.

She left noting she would send Riza Shevkiev a citation to prosecutor.

Smedlyaev and Shevkiev insisted that the document “should be written in Crimean Tatar- official language of Crimea, as they “don’t understand other languages”.

Commenting the incident to QHA news agency, Shevkiev said that during the phone conversation Ibragimova mentioned Ukrainian flag put on the Mejlis’s building. 

“During the phone conversation prosecutor representative, who introduces herself as Gulnara Ibragimova, informed me that the prosecutor wants to inspect the document of Mejlis and ‘Crimea Fund building. I agreed to meet today. It was interesting for me what documents they would show and what claims they would present as she mentioned “Ukrainian flag” during our conversation”- Shevkiev said.

It should be noted the only Ukrainian flag in Crimea is flying over Mejlis building.