Shukurdzhiev: Mejlis can be protected legislatively

Today Kyiv hosts a roundtable discussion called ‘The banning of the Mejlis in Crimea constitutes disregard for an indigenous people’s right to self-determination and violation of international law.’

14 March 2016 15:00

Well-known Crimean activist and public figure Veldar Shukurdzhiev taking part in the roundtable discussion said:

“For a Crimean Tatar, the Mejlis symbolizes a guiding star that helped the Crimean Tatar people get back home. It represents the whole people. The Mejlis can be protected from the occupant legislatively. It is necessary to recognize the Crimean Tatars as indigenous people. Ukraine, on its part, must officially recognize the Mejlis as a representative body of the indigenous people - Crimean Tatars.”

Photo: Internet